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                                                                     is designed to push the bounds of what's possible within the wedding industry. It is the product of years of trial and error to create modern, luxurious films that still retains that classic story that people love. When the Draped In White team films your wedding, it feels like more than just a film; It feels like you are part of our family. Many wedding professionals view weddings as a to-do list that fills up their calendar, but we see each wedding as a new adventure that we get to share with you.


Nate Kearney

Being part of a wedding is something that is a huge honor to me. You get to capture a couple's love story on film which is truly one of the most magical moments in life. 


Dalton Joyce

For me this is more than a job, it truly is a passion. Every day I am given an opportunity to push the limits on my creativity all while preserving couples most treasured memories. 


Danny Matthews

The process of crafting the perfect film for a couple is something I live for. Being able to create an emotion that will move you to tears, yet leave you in awe is why I love creating films in this industry. 

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